dear camping guest

Due to Covid-19, we have the following information for you.

Kyrkvikens Familjecamping is open as usual. We follow ongoing recommendations from Swedish authorities and experts. As a guest, you should feel safe with us and together we should respect the advice given.

You who come to us with your own accommodation in the form of a motorhome or caravan can control your environment and you can feel as safe and secure as you do at home. If you live in our small charming cottage or in the rental car, it means a completely separate living space with terrace and air all around. For your safety, we will disinfect all common areas such as toilets, service houses and the reception building several times a day.

As a guest, we want you to be healthy. If you have symptoms such as sore throat, cold, tracheal problems linked to Covid-19 symptoms and fever, you should not visit us.

If you become ill during your stay at Kyrkvikens Familjecamping, we ask you to contact the camping host, Thomas Fritzson on tel 070-296 00 92.

Let common sense prevail! Keep social distance!


  • MAX four people can stay at the reception at the same time, excluding our staff.
  • Extra seats are available in connection with check-in.
  • Plexiglass sheet is set up between you and the staff.
  • Hand alcohol is available.
  • You can pay with cash, card or Swish no. 123 618 81 48.
  • You can order fresh breakfast bread, milk, yoghurt, rice pudding, ham, cheese etc on tel: 073-323 38 36 However, no later than 08.00 the same day for collection from 09.00.
SERVICE HOUSE: wash room men and women.
  • MAX two people at a time in the room (excluding toddlers)
  • Use disinfectant in and around the washbasin before washing if you want to be sure that the area is completely clean. Leave the bottle for the next guest.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use desinfectant. Leave the bottle for the next guest.
  • Keep your distance.
SERVICE HOUSE: wash-up room
  • MAX 2 people at a time in the washroom.
  • Feel free to use a disinfectant bottle that is in each washroom, spray in and around the sink before washing, if you want to be sure that the place is disinfected. Leave the bottle for the next guest!
  • Keep your distance.
  • Each open toilet has a disinfectant bottle. Use the bottle and spray on the toilet seat before using the toilet, if you want to be sure that the seat is disinfected. Then leave the bottle in the toilet for the next guest.
  • Hand washing with foam soap is offered outdoors adjacent to the toilets.
  • Keep your distance.