Welcome to Kyrkvikens Family camping. A scenic, quiet and easy camping, beautifully located directly by the sea. The campsite is located in North BohuslÀn, on the island of Resö with a bridge connection to the mainland.

Kosterhavet's magnificent national park is located just outside the campsite and is one of a kind. There are several entrances to the park and one of them is from Resö village. You can get there in 5 minutes by car or by foot in about 20 minutes. In the village there is a nice year-round grocery store and right next door you will find a cozy Café called Panget. You will find delicious pastries, bread, lunch or homemade pizza. You can also order a glass of wine or a beer. In the wind-protected guest harbor, you will find the fishing boats and in the summertime Restaurant Lexö is open. They serve everything from herring lunches, pizzas to good dining together with amazing music events.


Sunbathing, swimming and crab fishing are usually an unbeatable combination. In addition to the great chances of sun on the West Coast, the campsite has a lovely place for taking a swim or do crab fishing. Choose from the child-friendly sandy or lawn beach. Or, for those who do not want sand between their toes, the soft granite rocks are a great place for sunbathing. Parkinging is available at the entrance to the campsite.


Discover The Koster Islands and Ursholmen together with Selins Charter. During the high season boat trips are organized once a week with departure straight from the campsite pier. For more information please contact Selins Charter


Great shopping is nearby in every direction. North you will find the charming village of Strömstad with its guest harbour, shops, supermarkets and lovely restaurants. Going a bit further north, close to the norwegian border there is a shopping center called Nordby, where you can find all you need. Travelling south you will find Tanumshede or Grebbestad - characteristic fishing villages with piers, shops, bars and restaurants.


In our small supermarket, located on campsite you will be able to find some necessities, like ice cream, coffee, tea, milk, bread, yoghurt, juice, soft drinks and snacks.


Around Resö there are plenty of amazing hiking paths to choose from. Most of them are also suitable for biking.


Discover the archipelago around Resö by canoe. You can book the canoe in the reception. Price: 350 SEK for a full day or 125 SEK per hour. 350 kr för heldag, 125 kr/timmen.